Shanita’s Salsitas

Growing up Jewish  on the Texas-Mexico border, cultures blend in strange ways. Bar Mitzvahs become pachangas. Tortillas replace bagels. Jalapenos find their way into falafel. Your Spanish is better than your Yiddish.

Even my nickname, “Shanita,” is a cross-cultural mash-up. (Shanna is Yiddish and -ita is the Spanish suffix for small.)

My Salsitas are culturally fused, too: a tribute to strong family members, the border town of my childhood, and the influences of this great big wide world. Some hit with a sudden, white-hot heat. Others tease with a spicy come-on. All are made with passion and flavor to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Shanita’s Salsitas are made in small batches, which means the heat and flavor may vary. Inside you’ll find only the best ingredients. What you won’t find are preservatives. EVER

What’s a Salsita anyway?

In Spanish salsa simply means sauce, any and all sauces.

A Salsita is a “little” sauce that can be added to anything and everything. They’re not just meant for chips. Pick one and use it for the base of  your dish or spice up any meal with a salsita on the side.