Hal’s Hot Love is featured in Statesman blog

Laura Hoke: What’s in Your Fridge Friday?

Kinky Friedman’s former press secretary can’t get enough of Hal’s Hot Love.

Laura Hoke, who spent nearly every minute of 2006 working on the gubernatorial campaign of the singer/animal rescuer/writer/funnyman, now works as the communications director for National Federation of Independent Business and eats this jalapeño-garlic salsa (think Taco Deli’s doña sauce, just with a ton of garlic) just about every day.

(Her friend Shanna Weisfeld, who makes the “salsita,” is in the process of starting her own company called Shanita’s Salsitas, so you can stock your fridge, too.)

Like just about everyone whose work life revolves around the capitol, Hoke is relieved that the 2011 Texas legislative session ended this week, but that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty to do between now and the next session, which starts in January 2013. “There’s already a steady stream of work to do in the interim because when not in session, we are out there working and meeting with members and, believe it or not, planning for next session.”

When asked for a food-related anecdote from her days with the Kinkster, Hoke shared this one: “We once had a strategy session at Pho on the Drag, and even with his campaign manager, press secretary and two lawyers, he ended up taking campaign advice from a college kid eating pho next to us.”

Friedman ended up with more than 12 percent of the vote. Not bad for a guy who gained fame with a band called The Texas Jewboys.

What three things are always in your fridge? A few kinds of cheese, El Milagro corn tortillas, Hal’s Hot Love by Shanita’s Salsitas

What’s your favorite condiment? Hal’s Hot Love. A creamy garlic roasted jalapeño salsa I can eat by the spoonful. It’s addictive. And the reason I keep corn tortillas on hand at all times.

What’s your go-to late night snack when no one is looking? If you haven’t already guessed … a lightly fried corn tortilla quesadilla with Hal’s.

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